• Delivery

    Delivery times may vary by product.  If an item will take longer than 7 business days for delivery, it will be stated in the description.  We also offer free shipping for your on-line purchases over $75.
  • Contact us

    We do regular orders for businesses, churches, groups, athletics, etc.  Please contact us for your specific needs.  We try to accommodate all of our potential customers, big or small, so get in touch with us to get your custom order done.

About us

Paw Prints Screen Printing is a sole proprietor LLC.  We are small but growing daily.  We specialize in screen printing and conduct ourselves under the philosophy, it's better to do one thing great than many things mediocre.  We've tried to associate and partner with other businesses that live by that philosophy for all of the promotional products we offer.  We are happy to offer products for all of your needs such as banners, mugs, engravings, trophies, advertising and promotional goods, etc. through our network with other businesses.  We also foster dogs in need of homes and try to help out where we can with rescues.  As a result, 5% of regular orders will go towards no-kill shelters, rescues, or other well needed animal support.

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